i am boy david.  i am proudly now owned by MasterRyanC on Recon. 

And my Lover is Gary.

boy david is very submissive, loves to be bound and tortured.  

boy David also has a Dom side with the right boy.  

Master lets me play with others but with his permission first.


Master Stats: 22yo 6' bl/grn hairy/ trimmed 6.5" cut

Boy David Stats:  43yo, 5'4", 34"w, Bond, blue eyes, 133#, smooth, shaved, cock cut 6.5", switch 
                                                (Lost 17lbs in last 2 months)

Lover Gary Stats: 63yo 6'2", Brown, Hazel eyes, 200#, uncut 7", versatile but not into kinky play


We have an open relationship so hit me up if your interested. 


Boy's 'Interest Include: 

- bondage:: (love to be tied up and tie up others. Prefer rope bondage but do have many leather restrains)
- TT:: (love all kinds of tit torture. My cock is connected to my tits)
- CBT:: (love my cock to be paddled for long a time. Crushing and pulling my balls are a plus too. Always looking for other that enjoy the same. Also, love my cock being on the edge of cumming but not allowed. )
- Flogging:: (love a flogging that will start up slowly and work to a deep hard flogging)
- Electro-simulation:: (Very experienced putting a boy for a trip of his life. Always looking for others with experienced to go on a trip too).
- Spanking / Paddling:: (can handle more then just ass spanking and love to give it as well)
- Feet Worship:: (massages and mouth cleaning/sucking)
- Kissing:: (love deep French kissing gets me rock hard)
- Tickle Torture:: (creative way to keep me laughing)
- Oral Sex:: (love to suck a hard cock)
- submission:: (submitting is something I long to do when ever given a chance SIRs)
- Domination:: (like to tie up subs and have my way with them. I am good at rope bondage but their is always some better so willing to learn. Also, very experienced with electro stimulation)

Boy's Non-Kinky Interests:

- Working out
- Camping with my gay camping group
- Geo caching (electronic treasure hurt with GPS)
- Playing Cards and Board games
- Reading 
- Movies
- Cooking
- Writing sex stories
- Making kinky toys
- Chatting with friends online
- Swimming in my pool


Boy's Turn Offs / Limits:  Water Sports, Bare Backing, Fisting, Needles, Scat, and Raunchy.


Club's which boy david is a member or associate member:

- Detroit Bondage Club 

          http://www.metrotim /story.asp? id=10652
- Chicago Hell Fire Club 

- Male Tent and Trailer Club 


  • Las Vegas March 30th to Apr 6th, 2010 (Vacation)


            Inferno (34) - B session  2005 [david] (my first inferno, it was great!)
            Inferno (35) Sessions A & B 2006 [david]     
            Inferno (36) Sessions A & B 2007 [david]  
            Inferno (37) Sessions A & B 2008 [david]
            Inferno (38) Sessions A & B 2009 [david]
    Associates Applicants weekend Nov, 2005 [david]
            CHC Associates Applicants weekend Nov, 2007 [david]        
            CHC Associates Applicants weekend Nov, 2008 [david]   
            IML 2008 [david]
            CHC Associates Applicants Weekend  Nov 13 to 15th, 2009
            Palm Springs Nov 10th - 17th, 2006 [Gary and david]
            Dore Alley Street Fair (San Francisco/Napa Valley) July 28th - Aug 5th
            Daytona Dec 24th - 26th 2008
            Orlando Dec 27th - Jan 1st 2009

    Boy David at the Detroit Bondage Club

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